• Welcome to Betan Karnali Sanchayakarta Hydropower Company Limited



  • To be a reputed energy entity with a commitment to the power sector of Nepal


  • To develop Betan Karnali Hydroelectricity Project (BKHEP) and become an important supplier of electricity in Nepal
  • To derive economic prosperity for the contributors of KSK through the development of BKHEP and other HEPs
  • To achieve excellence in project execution, quality, reliability, safety, and operational efficiency
  • To practice the highest standards of corporate governance and be a financially sound company
  • To build sustainable value-based relationships with stakeholders through mutual trust
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern for society
  • To improve the lives of the local community in all our projects
  • To be a partner in nation-building and contribute to the country’s economic growth
  • To promote a work culture that fosters learning, individual growth, team spirit, and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals
  • To encourage ideas, talent, and value systems
  • To earn the trust and confidence of all stakeholders, exceeding their expectations
  • To uphold the guiding principles of trust, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of interactions and dealings


  • Commercial: Operating in a fiscally sound environment
  • Effectiveness: Executing mandates effectively, ensuring delivery at the least cost and in the shortest time possible;
  • Integrity: exhibiting higher levels of objectivity, integrity, transparency, fairness, and responsibility
  • Innovation: Ensuring the optimum use of information technology, commitment to modern financial, project management, and engineering techniques;
  • Teamwork: Working in teams to ensure that the objectives of the Company are achieved in the set timeframes at all times;
  • Diligence: High levels of proficiency and professional rigor;