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Salient Features

1 General  
a Name of the project Betan Karnali Hydroelectric Project
b Type of the project PRoR
c Development region Western
d District Surkhet and Achham
f Stream/River Karnali River
g Easting 8124'42'' E to 8111'43'' E
h Northing 285604'' N to 285057'' N
i Nearest Highway Karnali Highway
j Climate Warm
2 Hydrology  
a Catchment area 22555 Km²
b Annual mean flow 567 m3/s
c Maximum monthly Discharge 1679 m3/s
d Minimum monthly discharge 136 m3/s
e Design Discharge Q50 373.10 m3/s
3 Dam  
a Type of Dam Earthen / Concrete (Optional)
b Elevation of Dam Location 415 amsl
c Dam Height 50 m Approximate
d Volume of water Reserved 125 MCM
4 Water Conveyance System  
a Type Headrace tunnel, surge shaft / penstock pipe
b Length 6.6 Km headrace tunnel from dam site followed by penstock tunnel 345m.
c Gross Head 220m
d Net Head 90 % of Gross Head
5 Penstock  
a Length 345 m
b Type Tunnel
6 Powerhouse  
a Type Underground
b Installed Capacity 688MW
c Elevation 250 amsl
d Number of Generating Units 3
e Type of Turbine Francis, horizontal shaft
7 Tailrace Tunnel  
a Type Tunnel
b Length  100 m Approximate
8 Power and Energy  
a Power 688 MW
b Dry Season Energy 1527.09 GWhr
c Wet Season Energy 2850.77 GWhr
d Total annual energy 4377.87 GWhr
9 Transmission Lines  
 a Length, Voltage Nearest NEA sub Station
10 Approach Road Already available road up to powerhouse area.