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Project Overview


Project Name:

Betan Karnali PRoR Hydroelectricity Project (BKHEP)


Peaking Run of the River (PRoR)


439 MW 


Karnali, Province 7; Surkhet and Achham Districts; Chaukune of Surkhet  and Dhakari of Achham Gaunpalika; 81011'43'' to 81024'42'' E; 280 50'57'' to 28056'04'' N


Catchment area: 22,555 Km2; Annual Mean Flow: 567m3/s; Maximum Monthly Discharge: 1679m3/s; Minimum Monthly Discharge: 134m3/s; Design Discharge: 536m3/s

Power and Energy:

FSL:  473.3m; TWL: 385 m; Power: 439MW; Total Energy: 2299GWH; Wet Energy: 1610GWH; Dry Energy: 689 GWH

Transmission Line:

Length: 5 Km, Substation: Puchma

Estimated Cost:

NRs.74 Billion (Without IDC)